OUR Vision

OUR Vision

The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) assists students in identifying mentors and exciting research opportunities in their field, and offers support to the student through undergraduate research grants and opportunities to communicate their research to others through multiple research symposium, a research journal, funding to national conferences to present their research, and research exploration events.

A key aspect of fulfilling this vision rests in removing financial, social, and/or cultural barriers, so research can become a central feature of the undergraduate experience for all students at UNC Charlotte.

Our mission focuses on supporting undergraduates, graduate students, post-doctoral scholars, and faculty involved in undergraduate research by administering programs that facilitate, fund, and recognize their undergraduate research efforts. Our vision is to expand opportunities and promote academic success for undergraduate students through innovation, mentored scholarship, creative expression, and entrepreneurship.

OUR Vision in Action

OUR will serve as a “hub” where faculty, staff, and students access resources to assist in academic success initiatives and facilitates the creation of opportunities through research training, funding, and collaborations with community partnerships. We strive to be an office that provides opportunities for research training and development while fostering academic and professional growth for students.

Key components of student sucess