Faculty Expectations

Mentor Faculty must complete a project proposal and a faculty mentor application. All mentors must be available to meet with and mentor scholars throughout the entire nine-week program.  Faculty mentors are responsible for developing and facilitating relationships between community partners and undergraduate scholars, for guiding scholars through the research project/process, and for making sure scholars complete service hours each week. Faculty are invited to participate in community-building activities and to attend the Undergraduate Research Symposium with scholars.  Each mentor will be receive a $750 stipend for participation.

Mentor Expectations

  • Be a committed mentor to a CCS participant during the internship period. You are expected to find a suitable interim mentor if you are out of the office or unavailable for more than one week.  Communicate this information to the CCS director.
  • Have contact with your student(s) on a regular basis during the summer to provide guidance and direction on the research project as well as discuss the progress of the project. In many instances, this might be nearly daily contact, but should be at least weekly. Some meetings may be at the student’s community site.
  • Have regular contact with your student’s community partner, and serve as a resource to the student and the partner as needed to support the goals of the engaged scholarship project. 
  • Keep the scholar on task and the project on track. The scholar is responsible for committing 40 hours (or 20 hours, if a part-time scholar) to the engaged scholarship project. The scholar should be held accountable for the time spent on the project and the quality of your work.  You should be aware of the scholar’s work schedule at the community site, and monitor this commitment.  Similarly, you should ensure that the scholar completes all required deliverables in a timely manner, both to you and to their community partner.
  • Keep the CCS director informed of your scholar’s progress. This will include the completion of a midterm and a final evaluation form as well as submission of periodic statements of their progress via email. 
  • Assist the scholar in completing the engaged scholarship research process, and in documenting its methods and results. Also, assist your scholar in preparing their poster for the Charlotte Summer Research Symposium. The essential contents of the poster will be distributed to scholars and mentors. The format should reflect the standard format of a peer-reviewed publication in your discipline.
  • Attend the Charlotte Summer Research Symposium to be held at the end of the program, and encourage your community partner to attend.
  • Report any needs or concerns to the CCS director as soon as they develop.
  • Complete the CCS program evaluation, which will be emailed to all mentors at the conclusion of the program.
  • Acknowledge the Charlotte Community Scholars program on any publications or professional presentations where the student serves as co-author corresponding to this work.

Faculty Participation Application