2016 Undergraduate Research Conference

2016 Undergraduate Research Conference Departmental Winners

Department Name(s) Project Title
Architecture Isabel Fee Story Board: A Design-Build Model for Engaging Seniors in Long-Term Care Reform
Biology & Bioinformatics Jenna Brown Comparisons of Class-C AmpC β-Lactamases
Business Info Systems & Operations Management Christian Lang Why Stocks Move
Chemistry Tim Eldred
Honorable Mentions:
Amanda Reid
Mohamed Saeed
Emily Schmidt
Synthesis, Characterization and Optimization of Novel Nanostructures for Water Purification

Malimide Based Bioconjugation Through Free Thoil Groups of Biomolecules
Reconfigurable Plasmonics: Tuning of Surface Plasmon Resonance in Gold Nanoparticle Thin Films
Nanostructured Carbon for Use in Water Purification
Communication Studies Tynaiza Whitaker The Ongoing Identity Appeal and Evolution of the Birther Movement
Criminal Justice and Criminology Marley Pritchard Financial Exploitation
Electrical Engineering Technology Daniel Watson Innovate Antenna Designs and Unique Applications for Radio Frequency Energy Harvesting
English/Department of Global, International, and Area Studies Kenia Rios Constructs of Relatability in Refugee Literature Intended for Young Audiences as Demonstrated in The Other Side of Truth
Geography and Earth Sciences Kelly O'Connor
Honorable Mentions:

Rashid Clifton
Whitney King
Tactual Mapping with the Emergence of 3D Technologies

Watershed Mapping: An Alternative Stream Flow Measurement Tool
Occurrences of Microplastic in An Urban Piedmont Stream
History Jack Groves The Jew as a Sorcerer: An Aesthetic Exegesis in the Medieval Period
Kinesiology Deanna Gravely
Honorable Mentions:
Ying Zhang
Charley Starnes
Casey Bruce
Lean Methodologies Impacting Respiratory Care Services

How does ECMO work for ARDS patient comparison between VIDNAT Medical Center and other national institutions?
Evaluation of the Benefits of Phase III (Maintenance) Pulmonary Rehabilitation of Participants Healthcare Quality of Life
H-reflex and the Rate of Torque Development in the Soleus
Languages and Culture Studies Eileen Jakeway The Life and Works of Gabrielle de Coignard
Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Science William Holmberg Team 3 Junior Design Project
Middle, Secondary and K-12 Education Alexis James Building Community Through Project Based Learning
Nursing Karley Edwards Wound Care Management
Physics and Optical Science Patrick Reinbold
Honorable Mention: Gage Leighton
Incorporating Self-adapting Mechanisms to Improve Performance in Random Search Methods
The Effect of Residue Mutation on Protein Stability: Providing Mechanistic Insight into SB Transposition
Political Science Emily Grassett The Rebel Party - Political Implications of Rebel Funding
Psychology Rebecca Blanchard The Fear of Self-Compassion
Public Health Megan Woody Analyzing the Effectiveness of a Chronic Disease & Primary Care Access Program
Reading and Elementary Education Erica Giko The Lone Star: Liberia
Religious Studies Jarred Batchelor Hamilton Vézelay and St. Bernard's Defense of Christendom
Sociology Quinn Barnette
Honorable Mention: Sarah Roberson
Social Determinants of HIV Transmission: A Cross-Cultural Analysis
India's Water Issue

2016 Atkins Library Undergraduate Research Award Winners

Atkins Award Category Project Title Faculty Advisor Department
Eileen Jakeway The Life and Works of Gabrielle de Coignard Allison Stedman Languages and Culture Studies
Biological Sciences/Health Sciences
Daniel Smith The Effects of PolyDOTs on the Eastern Oyster, Crassostrea Virginica Amy Ringwood Biology
Physical sciences/engineering
Kelly O'Connor Tactual Mapping with the Emergence of 3D Technologies Elizabeth Delmelle Geography & Earth Sciences
Whitney King Occurrences of Microplastic in an Urban Piedmont Stream Sandra Clinton Geography & Earth Sciences
Social Sciences/Education
Sarah Riegel Implications of Gender Gaps in Education Malin Pereira English

2016 Honors College Winners

STEM Kathryn Long
Humanities, Arts, Social Sciences, Education Osly Galobardi 
Honorable Mention: Leanne Barry 
Interdisciplinary Study Sarah Riegel

2016 Sustainability Winners

1st PLACE: Tyler Gilkerson The Relationship Between Groundwater Salinity and Biogeochemical Methane Generation in Coal Beds
2nd PLACE: Megan Woody, Billy Johnson, Timothy Eldred, and Emily Schmidt Absorption of NOM to Different Absorption Materials