2018 Undergraduate Research Conference

2018 Undergraduate Research Conference Departmental Winners

Department Name(s) Project Title
Biological Sciences Oral Presentation: Gaith Droby
Poster: Makenzie Postma
Rational Chemovirotherapy Shows Improved Efficacy Against Pancreatic Cancer
Inflammasomes, Fibrosis, and Breast Cancer Progression
Chemistry (Tie) Claire Gates
Kayla Blackburn
Examination of the Activity of a Proposed N-acetylglucosamine Transferase Using High Performance Liquid Chromatography
Water Purification: Reusability Studies of Nanomaterials
Communications Across the Curriculum Sarah Davis Evaluating the Impact of Professional Development in CxC
Communication Studies Maiah Dixon New Orleans Pralines: A Historical, Economic, and Cultural Research Tool
Computer Science Matthew McQuaigue & Anna Boekelheide Visualization, Assessment and Analytics in Data Structures Learning Modules
Culture and Language Studies Sarah Crawley Young Japanese and Ikebana
Economics Taelor Malcolm Housing Instability in Mecklenburg County
Engineering Michael Ajazi Real-Time Prognostics of Power Converters using the Internet of Things
English Jenna Hainlen “Now Receive My Word:” Analysis of Rhetoric and Authorship in the FLDS Church
Geography & Earth Sciences Brandon Nickerson Geologic Guide to Reedy Creek Nature Preserve, Charlotte, NC
Global Studies Asha Coutrier Is United States Development Aid to the South Pacific Perpetuating Imperialist Cold War Relationships?
History Tabitha Wood Republican Paramilitary Women of the Troubles
Kinesiology (Tie) Ryan Brown
Jordan Sapp
The Effects of Notch Knockdown on Skeletal Muscle
A Multi-Disciplinary Educational Program Regarding the Approach for a Decrease in Antibiotic Exposure in Very-Low Birth Weight Infants
Mathematics and Statistics Sofia Cole Eigenvalue Estimates for a Self-Adjoint Differential Operator on an Interval of the Real Line
Middle and Secondary Education Laura-Caroline Heider Building a Bridge
Physics and Optical Science Tejas Pruthi Gold Nanorods as a Sensor for Environment: A Computational Approach
Political Science and Public Administration Jessica Francis An Investigation of Prison Rehabilitation Programs
Psychological Sciences Stevie Dalrymple Perception of Emojis in Text Messages
Public Health Seth Flynn Effects of FXIII Val34Leu Polymorphism on Fibrin Diameter and Network Density
Reading and Elementary Education Natalia Mejia Universal Design of Learning within Special Education
Religious Studies Savanna Humphries Examining the Sexual Politics, Gender Roles, and Power Structures in the Book of Esther
School of Nursing Lora Talyshkhanov Psychosocial Factors Related to HIV Suppression
School of Social Work Mara Klem-O’Connor Experience of Homelessness on UNC Charlotte Students
Sociology Terry Howell Air Pollution and Quality of Life in South Korea


2018 Atkins Library Undergraduate Research Award Winners

Atkins Award Category Project Title Faculty Advisor Department
Jordan Costanza Of Ravens and Romanticism: the Enduring Legacy of Edgar Allan Poe in American Education Kirk Melnikoff English
Biological Sciences/Health Sciences
Kristin Smoot Endothelial cells, Inflammasomes, and Breast Cancer Progression Didier Dréau Biology
mathematics/computer science
Matthew McQuaigue Visualization, Assessment and Analytics in Data Structures Learning Modules Kalpathi Subramanian Computer Science
Physical Science
Lillian Collins Likeability of Forest Birds Species to Urban Residents Sara Gagné Geography and Earth Sciences
Social Sciences/Education
Kimberly “Paige” Burchard Assessing Elementary Boys’ Interest in Texts Within the Classroom Library Lori Van Wallendael Reading and Elementary Education


2018 community engaged scholarship awards

1st PLACE:  Tyler Rapp Socioecology of Aedes Fever Virus Vectors
2nd PLACE:  Lauren-Caroline Heider Building a Bridge


2018 Sustainability Winners

1st PLACE:  Kaitlyn Bryan-Scaggs Reactive Phosphorus in Reedy Creek, Charlotte, NC
2nd PLACE: Richard Micham Grey Water and How it Will Save Us


2018 Honors College Awards

Humanities Award Kelly Brabec Unmasking the Masochist: The Conception and Impact of Yukio Mishima's "Confessions of a Mask”
Interdisciplinary Studies Award Allison Mehta
Rachel Jones
The Influence of Interpersonal Goals on Posttraumatic Growth Outcomes Following Infidelity: Self-Esteem as a Mediator​
Investigating the Role of Global Medical Brigades in Developing Sustainability through Community Engagement
STEM Award Issac Sluder The Hsp70 Co-chaperone Ydj1/HDJ1 Regulates Ribonucleotide Reductase Activity